Android Club House Sat, 12 Jan 2019 09:15:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Pokemon GO Apk Download – How to Play Pokemon Go Game? Sat, 12 Jan 2019 09:15:25 +0000 Pokemon is one of the most popular animated series that has millions of fans and adorers across the world. Usually, Pokemon show is adored by kids, youngsters and almost everyone who loves adventures and challenging situations. Such a crazy Pokemon show has entered into the real world of gaming driving all the game players and lovers download it on their devices.

With a version entitled as Pokemon Go, this game has come up for the game lovers. This game is specially designed for Android and iOS platform users. All the game lovers and many of the Pokemon show spectators and fans will be definitely aware of the Pokemon Go game. The game developers have launched this as a video game that can be played on the smartphone devices that run Android and iOS platforms.

Pokemon Go APK Download for Android

Here is everything you need to know about the amazing game that adds much excitement. It provides fun playing this incredible video game on your Android and iOS devices. You can check out each and every detail about the Pokemon Go game like its features, highlights, the game compatibility on various platforms and much more. You can also download this game on your Android right now making use of a Pokemon Go APK file. Check it out!

Table of Contents
Pokemon GO APK Download
The Pokemon Company has rolled out the Pokemon Go game officially a couple of years back across various countries. It includes the US, Australia, and New Zealand. As the game servers are being crashed while playing Pokemon Go, the developers of the game are spending pretty much time to add a number of servers. Soon if the server capacity increases, it would let the users have a smooth gameplay on their devices.

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The game has been released only in few selected countries. But, if you wish to play it in your country as well, we are here to assist you. You can simply download the apk file of Pokemon Go game to download and play it on your device right from your country. With all outstanding and the realistic game playing features, Pokemon Go game has landed into the game market to take the reel life Pokemon into real life world into existence.

Pokemon Go is the best augmented-reality game which is being developed by Niantic especially for two different mobile platforms such as iOS and Android-operated devices. Are you quite excited to play this game on your Android device? If you’re pretty much fascinated and eager to play this game but, you just ended up searching for the download link, then just head over the article below. Here, we are providing a working apk file for downloading the Pokemon Go APK on your device.

Pokemon Go Features
Here are the fantastic features of this Pokemon Go game that can be played on Android and iOS platforms.

You can play Pokemon Go game in Multiplayer mode and it can be done when you find some other game player online based on the geographical location.
The elements that are present in this game are quite enhanced and advanced that is based on the real data.
Pokemon Go lets you create your individual teams and enjoy the real excitement of playing this game.
One of the significant and amazing features of Pokemon Go game is that it will notify its users via the special wristband, called as Pokemon Go Plus. This wristband will be connected to your Smartphone via the Bluetooth and sends notifications regarding various Pokemon Go game events.
While playing this Pokemon Go game, you will get notifications, for instance, the arrival of Pokemon via LED or vibration.
Pokemon Go Game APK Latest Version for Android
Here’s a detailed guide to download and install the latest version of Pokemon Go apk on your Android device:

Initially, go to settings>>Security and navigate to “Unknown sources” option under the tab of “Device administration”. Enable the Unknown Sources option so that your smartphone allows you to download any app from other sources apart from Play Store.
Pokemon Go APK install on Android

Download Pokemon Go apk from the direct link provided below on to your android smartphone.
Once the downloading process finishes, click to open the file from the home screen and install the game.
Soon after completing the installation process, you can now open the game and start playing it with much fun and excitement.
How to Play Pokemon Go Game on your Phone?
The major appeal of Pokémon Go is “discovering” Pokémon while playing this innovative game. Exploring and catching the Pokemon in Pokemon Go game is quite fun and exciting for the game player. Your distance may differ, but a share of the charm and gameplay of Pokémon Go game will be dogged by your geographical location.

How to play pokemon go on Android

You can also find different Pokéstops in order to aid you to acquire stuff that includes Pokeballs and eggs. In this incredible game, you can also notice Pokemon gyms wherein the game players can head over and make use of the gym to combat other players of the Pokemon Go game. Once you catch your Pokémon while playing the game, you will be able to train that particular Pokemon.

You will be able to do that only if you reach the Level 5 in the Pokemon Go game. Only then, you will get access to place your foot in the Poke gym and deliver proper training to your Pokemons in order to build them more powerful for contenting against other game players. Change your Pokemon into a dominant contender and make them combat within protected limits in a virtuous and righteous way.

Pokemon Go Gameplay
Here is a step-by-step detailed guide that helps the game players play Pokemon Go game and catch erratic Pokemons either on your Android or iOS device.

Initially, start the game and walk gradually in order to locate Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.
Soon after discovering or locating Pokemon in your location, the first and foremost thing you must do is to ‘turn off the AR Camera’.
how to start pokemon go

That AR camera option can be seen at the top right corner of your screen.
Make sure that you don’t make any kind of movement by your hand while tossing the Pokeball.
One essential thing that you must take care of is that there is the adequate battery on your Android or iPhone so that you reach greater levels hunting for your rare Pokemons.
Final Words:

That’s all! This is all you need to know about Pokemon Go APK for Android. Hope this guide has given you the complete information about playing Pokemon Go in India on your device for free. Keep playing this game till you catch your rare Pokemon and step into the Poke gym to train your Pokemon!!

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IMO For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and MAC Free Download Thu, 10 Jan 2019 09:09:08 +0000 IMO For PC/IMO PC: Searching and getting tired to find the right way to download IMO For PC, the IMO download for PC is here for you. IMO is the only messaging application which is the right alternative to all messaging applications. IMO is the one of the best application developed by the Google ex-employees. Searching to download the IMO application for PC is only because of its popularity among the Android users. IMO is the only application which is the best alternative to the messenger applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, etc…, On IMO for PC free download, you will enjoy the real video chat. This application is now officially launched to the PC. In the post-IMO free download For PC Windows, you will get the multiple ways to download free IMO for PC or IMO PC download. So, I will guide you through using IMO for Mac. If you want to have a clean and good install of IMO then read this article carefully. Actually, this article is developed for a clean install of this app.

The drastic download of IMO application is tremendous in the range which is fair competition to many messaging applications. This IMO application was developed by the team initially launched only on the Android platform.Soon they began it on the iOS platforms. People started using IMO within the short period it gets a huge popularity, and some people become fans to IMO PC. You can find them on the Facebook and Twitter. This application after some updates get a warm and huge welcome from people of different regions. Even where people hesitate to use WhatsApp and Viber, shows interest in using IMO.This is the real achievement of IMO application. IMO become popular because of its features.We will discuss the features of IMO PC below and also You can search for IMO download for PC.

This IMO application was searched by the people from different countries to download it in PC. But this IMO application is not officially launched to PC. But you can download the Official IMO for PC on this website. There are multiple of ways to IMO for PC free download. We will explain you clearly to download IMO for PC.

imo for pc download

IMO For Mac and Windows:
IMO for Mac PC is the emerging app today in the App market.Later the launch of IMO in iOS it becomes very popular among the people of western countries. IMO for Mac is the most trending app used to send and receive messages. Now with the help of IMO, one can chat with the people using iPhone and Android mobile users. This it. As cross-platform communication. Thus IMO act as the cross-platform communication application.Since it is available on different platforms it user experience does not get differs.It is same as we find on all platforms.

This application is now available for windows as well as IMO for Mac PC. Just simply by following the steps we can easily download IMO Apk to Windows as well as IMO for Mac PC.Because they clearly want to make an app which is user-friendly and provides some support to users. IMO also provides us with a lot of free stickers which is a special feature of this app. These free stickers help you to describe your emotions.


Installation Guide to Free Download IMO for PC:
To free Download IMO for PC or IMO for MAC, please read the steps carefully.

Download IMO on PC:
There are two ways to IMO download from PC. They are:

One Click Installation:

The previous technique is quite difficult a little bit. But you can download the IMO application by simply clicking the download button appears below. Download the updated IMO Messenger for your PC.

Using Bluestack:
Download the world’s leading android emulator Bluestack on your PC. And click install. You can download it by clicking the link below.

Download Bluestack.

  1. Please enter your email ID and Password.
  2. After the completion of installation of Bluestack click the search button as shown in the figure.
  3. In the search box enter “IMO”. Then Click enter.
  4. IMO video call will appear in results .click on it and set to install.
  5. The IMO download application will now installed on your PC.
  6. Open the downloaded application and enjoy making calls to your friends.

Download IMO For Mac PC:
The installation of IMO for MacBook and Mac Systems is quite difficult. But by following the instructions I will make it a lot easier. Please follow the instructions keen to download IMO download for Mac PC.

IMO For PC Download

  1. Download the Andy App player in the system. This application is used to download the android application on Mac PC. To download the Andy app player to your PC click here.
  2. After downloading the Andy app player.Right click on it and install it on your desktop.
  3. During the installation, it will ask you the Gmail ID and password.Enter your Gmail ID and press Continue.
  4. Play store will now appear on your PC screen. Now click the search icon and enter IMO in the search box.
  5. IMO will now get installed on the PC after IMO downloaded for PC. Open the application and enter your mobile number.
  6. That’s it.Start using IMO on your MAC PC.

IMO App for PC – Features
Best Video Calling App:
Besides being a messenger application, IMO application did its job well as video calling and audio calling application. Its clarity is highly notable. Even it is far good as we compare with other messenger application like Viber. Even when we get connected to 2G or even with low internet speed IMO provides us with a good video chat experience.

Transmission Rate:
Enhances a far superior transmission speed. The uptime and downtime of the video signals are extraordinary..which means very low. The time is taken to transmit the video signals is very low.

Video Compression:
Based upon the internet connectivity speed the video is compressed. Thus enables the IMO to transfer the videos and images easier to a significant distance.

Cloud Server:
Unlike WhatsApp, IMO download for PC is using cloud server by which we can chat or video call with our friends in multiple devices at the same time.

Language Conversion:
Another extraordinary feature which is available in IMO alone is its language conversion. IMO is having an inbuilt language converter by which one can able to convert the text into the language available by which we can able to communicate with the people from different countries speaking a different language.

Language Support:
IMO application supports the language of nearly 30. Out of these, all the most widely used language is English. Other languages available in IMO app for PC is Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. Even more, languages are going to present in the next updated version.

IMO For PC Download

Peculiar Ringtone:
The IMO is having its very own ring tone that is really great to hear and very pleasant. We can easily customise it by our self. If you got the call from a friend the IMO installed with your mobile number in multiple devices will get to ring at the same you can answer the call in a different device.

Stop Sending SMS:
IMO apk is providing the messaging service by which we can text with the people around the planet using IMO. Along with this IMO is having numerous stickers which will show down your emotions as icons.More over it is great fun to chat with the friends using the IMO emotions.

Privacy is necessary while using messengers.Privacy offer by the IMO is great.

Why IMO For PC:
Most of the time we need to spend our time in working. Working most probably in front of the computer. Therefore working alone does not bring us happiness. Chatting with our beloved ones gives us re freshness. For those peoples IMO is the application need to get install on the PC. With the help of IMO, we can speak with our girlfriends and friends whenever we need.

Download Imo For PC

My Reviews About IMO For PC:
After installing IMO PC What I especially noted is the video clarity. The video clarity is quite better than I found in other video calling applications. Viewing our loved ones in bigger screen is really awesome and great. It comes with the same features as available in the IMO for android. Even we can shift the call to our other device using IMO. IMO PC is just superb.

Hope this article gives you the IMO for Windows PC as well as Mac PC. Please rate us five stars and keep on reading our post for latest updates about IMO and share this article with your friends too, Thank you.

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